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Discovering Your Answers Within

At Celestine Mentoring, we hold a profound belief that the answers you seek are already within you. Our purpose is to support your journey, providing guidance that fosters the expansion of a broader perspective. Through purposeful questioning, we facilitate a process of self-discovery, where you uncover the insights that resonate most deeply with your unique path.


Hourly Sessions:

Our 1-2-1 personal mentoring sessions span a duration of 60 minutes and can be conducted over video, audio, or Instant Messaging – as per your personal preference. During this time, our mentors provide heartfelt, compassionate support. We offer a non-judgmental space where you can openly discuss your innermost thoughts and dreams, knowing that you are safe to explore the depths of your being.


Conscious Conversation:

As explored in the 12th Celestine Insight, our mentoring takes the form of Conscious Conversations. This approach involves holding space for you to express your deepest questions, while we ask intuitively guided questions that help you uncover your true desires and determine your path.

Guided Exploration:

We’re at Your Side: Envision us walking alongside you as you navigate life’s challenges or stand at crossroads. Our purpose is to empower you to make choices that resonate with your truest self and highest goals. Whether you’re seeking guidance through challenging times or striving to determine your next steps, we’re committed to accompanying you on this enlightening path.


Integrating Celestine Insights

We weave the teachings of “The Celestine Prophecy” series into the fabric of our sessions. Each session is an invitation to explore insights that are relevant to your personal situation. Together, we delve into Celestine wisdom, allowing it to illuminate your path. Our connection to the spiritual realm enhances our guidance, making use of the Synchronistic Flow to guide us forward.


Flexible Sessions

To cater to your needs, we offer a range of options. Our services include one-off sessions for focused exploration, or a rolling monthly program featuring two sessions per month for deeper and sustained growth.


Empowerment Through Connection

Our mentoring is more than a service – it’s a partnership. Together, we harness the energy of connection, the wisdom of “The Celestine Prophecy,” and your innate potential to propel you forward, with newfound clarity and empowerment.”


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