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Our Story

Guided by the profound insights of The Celestine Prophecy series, Celestine Mentoring was born from a heartfelt vision shared by Kelly Redfield, the founder of our company—CPIC certified Life Coach and Enneagram expert—and her father, James, the renowned author of the Celestine novels. Inspired by the life-changing power of these Insights, Kelly embarked on a personal mission, aided by our dedicated Celestine Vision team, to create a sacred haven where individuals could embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound connection.

The evolution of our mentoring service has been a remarkable journey in itself—and as you’d imagine, as we’ve taken this offering from conception to manifestation, we’ve consciously applied the Celestine Insights every step of the way. In 2017, as we first consciously envisioned this mentoring service, we set our intention with gratitude for the right team of people to come together and join us in this venture. Subsequently, without ever advertising the vacancies and through the grace of the synchronistic flow, the Universe paved the way for paths to cross precisely when the time was right.

Rooted in our shared devotion to the Celestine teachings, each member of our team found us organically from different corners of the world to form a vibrant network of expertise and passion. Now, spanning continents and cultures, our international presence is a testament to the expansiveness of our vision.

With Kelly’s passionate advocacy for Self-Awareness and James’ timeless teachings founding our venture, our mentoring services have evolved to now offer an experience beyond the ordinary. Our team of accredited mentors, chosen not only for their expertise but also their genuine empathy, is here to walk alongside you on your journey, empowering you to embrace the wisdom within and break through to your best life.


Our Globally United Team

As a remote-working team, we see our geographic diversity not as a barrier but as a remarkable asset that enables us to cover a spectrum of time zones and offer our unique service all over the world.

Every member of our Mentoring staff undergoes a rigorous accreditation process. We meticulously select mentors through interviews, assessing their energy and compatibility with our ethos. Subsequently, they undertake a comprehensive course on the Celestine Insights, engaging in exercises mirroring those we offer our clients. This preparation ends with an in-depth examination, where we assess their grasp of the insights and how well they can apply them in their daily lives. This stringent evaluation ensures our mentors embody the Celestine philosophy and live their spirituality authentically, promoting a balanced and inspired life.

As we pool our diverse talents and energies, our common purpose drives us to wholeheartedly support you on your unique journey of growth and self-discovery. We’re committed to nurturing your highest potential and guiding you through life’s complexities with grace and profound insight.

We believe our tightly-knit, international team stands as a living reflection of the interconnectedness celebrated in the Celestine teachings. Together, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary path of awakening, weaving the threads of awareness, spirituality, and self-actualization into your personal journey.


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