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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Q1: How do I book a discovery call?

Step 1: Click the register/sign up link on our website to enter into our online dashboard. 
Step 2: Fill out a brief questionnaire and wait to be matched with your mentor. 
Step 3: Pick a time slot in the System calendar with your Mentor 

  • Q2: How is my mentor matched with me?

We use the insights you provide in your discovery form to match you with a mentor who resonates with your journey and is appropriately aligned with your Timezone.

  • Q3: How do I pay for my chosen service?

Secure payments are made through our online mentoring portal using Stripe, ensuring your financial information is handled safely.

  • Q4: Can I change my mentor?

Our goal is to find the best fit for you from the beginning. However, if adjustments are needed, we’re here to support
your journey.

  • Q5: If I take the package option, how many sessions am I obligated to take?

We offer a rolling monthly contract with two sessions per month. If you decide to pause or stop your sessions, simply advise your mentor/ or our support team by the end of the month so that we may stop your future payments from being taken.

  • Q6: What does the accreditation process to become a Celestine Mentor entail?

Every member of our Mentoring staff undergoes a rigorous accreditation process. We meticulously select mentors through interviews, assessing their energy and compatibility with our ethos. Subsequently, they undertake a comprehensive course on the Celestine Insights, engaging in exercises mirroring those we offer our clients. This preparation ends with an in-depth examination, where we assess their grasp of the insights and how well they can apply them in their daily lives. This stringent evaluation ensures our mentors embody the Celestine philosophy and live their spirituality authentically, promoting a balanced and inspired life.

  • Q7: What general topics do people work through with a Celestine mentor?

Integrating CP Insights
Creative Project Development
Enhancing Personal Relationships
Life Mission/Business
Evolving your Shadows into Gifts 
Healing after Divorce

  • Q8: How do you handle my personal information?

Your personal information is encrypted within our online system and can only be accessed by you and your mentor. Celestine Mentors follow a strict confidentiality policy and will never share anything you say or write without your permission. After your Mentoring commences, you will decide to delete your material from our system or save it for future use (including future entry to our dashboard via read-only access). We will never share your personal information with any third-party sources.

  • Q8: Will I sign a contract?

Yes, you will assent your Mentoring relationship by signing a contract agreeing to our mentoring policy terms.


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